No one looks forward to "filing a claim". But this is why you have insurance right? 

Here is what you should do prior to filing your claim.

1) Make sure you're in a safe location. If you're involved in an auto accident, do not look to file a claim from the road. If you're home is damaged, make sure you've stopped the threat of further damage. i.e If you're pipes have burst, make sure the water is turned off and no further water damage can take place.

2) Evaluate the damage and compare it to your deductible. Ask yourself this question, "Is it better to come out of pocket and self insure this damage, rather than filing a claim on my insurance and risking the rates going up for 3-5 years?" Here is a good example of that, if you're involved in an at fault auto accident, and the damage to your car is $850 to fix, but your deductible is $500, does it make sense to file a claim, or to pay the $350 extra out of pocket and maintain a clean driving record? 

The answers to these questions are subjective and unique to your particular situation. For further consultation, contact us here at i80 Insurance Solutions.