There are five common ways to lower your insurance.

1) Are we bundling all of your policies together? If you only have one line of insurance with us (auto without home or renters, and vice versa) you're probably paying more than you need to. Putting everything together in one place is a great way to reduce your premium on each policy.

2) If you have any young drivers in the home, they may qualify for a "good student discount" if they have a high school GPA that is 3.0 or better

3) If you're insuring some of your household vehicles on different policies, you could be paying too much. Having all of your cars together gives you a multicar discount

4) What do you do for a living? Certain occupations like: Police officers, firefighters, teachers and educators, registered nurses, scientists, and those with a four year college degree qualify for certain occupational discounts.

5) Does your home or car have an active alarm? Having one can also reduce the premiums on your policies..